Uncontrolled tourism and globalization are now leading the Ifugao community to the abandonment of traditions and knowledge, causing fast deterioration of their terraces.

Weaving people is my Bachelor degree research project, which explores the possibility for combining left-overs of the rice production with the weaving expertise of the local artisans. The project focuses on preserving traditions by boosting the transmission of oral knowledge, aiming for a revaluation of the rice cultivation and the rice itself as a material in the making of products. The outcomes of the project are a series of products made from rice left-overs (straws), a weaving workshop and a series of tools designed and developed for supporting and facilitate the weaving process, making the practice available for anyone.

The project was featured in the city blog of Baguio, where I held the workshop, link here.

From top leftottom right: Weaving tools in us
e. Explanatory video below ︎

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